The perfect team — Due means two, a unique team with unlimited resources to make your event special 

Lorena Valdivia

If you ask Lorena what she loves about events? she will immediately tell you: It is all about the details, creativity and elegance!  Fulfill the couples dream and exceed their expectations. Is about doing things that leaves you speechless. Dynamic, energetic, effusive, and passionate. Her creativity rules over those little details that will leave you fascinated.  As  our founder partner, she is our Creative director and Master designer.

If you ever dream it it can be achieved. We love to do more of what makes you sparkle




Gisela Mulero

If you ask Gisela what she loves about events, she will tell you: To make them happen!   To do things others only dare to dream.  She is persistent, energetic, driven by passion and love for high standards. As one of our founding partners, she is our business director. Gisela brings her marketing, travel and corporate experience to create events that highlight sustainability

When asked what drives her passion, she said: SERVICE, that is the  is the key for success. Our customers will get more of our Due Events experience as a whole package, flowers, decorations, event logistics and planning, coordination.  We do it all with a creative twist